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Be Smart, Eat Smart

 Naomi's Nutrition is a meal preparation service, offering you fresh and locally sourced food, giving you the choice to have tailor made healthy meals prepared and delivered directly to your door.  

Naomi’s Nutrition meal prep service was founded by a need I have to ensure I always have healthy meals on hand, while trying to maintain a work life balance. 

As a busy working mum of 4 children, I found providing balanced healthy meals for myself and the kids wasn’t always easy. So I started meal prepping just for us as a family to help manage our food & calorie intake. 

On doing this I found it gave me more free time after the daily school runs as I didn’t have to rush home and prepare dinner, I now had time to help the kids with school homework and enjoy some family time.


Within a few months of meal prepping and eating healthy I noticed a real change in my body shape, which helped me gain more confidence in the gym and in my day to day life. 

I started suggesting to friends and family that they should start meal prepping after all of the benefits I had found, 

  1. You will save time. (NO need to cook after a long day!)

  2. You will save money. (NO buying things you don’t really want or need when you go for your weekly food shop, or having takeout for lunch.) 

  3. Manage your calorie intake. 

  4. You will prevent food waste.

  5. Remove temptation. 

  6. Manage hunger better. 

  7. Have a different variety of foods. 

This is when my meal prep business actually started, before I knew it I was making meals for family and work colleagues. Now I have decided to offer my meal prep service to a wider audience. 

I hope you enjoy it! 

Best Wishes 


Naomi x 


Be Smart, Eat Smart!  

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